Our Team

José Reyes

José Reyes

Principal, Creative Director

José has been the creative director at Metaleap since he founded the firm in 2002. After earning his BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, he worked as a designer at several major advertising and design firms in the South. Over the years he has received a variety of accolades, most notably the “My Hero” trophy crafted and given to him by his eight year old daughter, as well as the inspiring “don’t bomb it” sticky note from his son before a presentation. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in P.R., Turkey, Utah, New Mexico and Florida, his love and curiosity of all things—especially the outdoors, cities, cooking, books, jazz on vinyl and any sort of natural or scientific oddity—keeps him traveling and searching for inspiration in the world around him.

Nikolle Reyes

Nikolle Reyes

Principal, Managing Director

Nikolle has been the vice president and managing director of Metaleap since 2004. Nikolle earned a Master’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University. She served as a partner and consultant to Metaleap from the very beginning, providing key strategic and organizational advice to the growing start-up while simultaneously maintaining a career as an investment banker on Wall Street. Later, she made the jump from finance and began using her wide-ranging experience to serve Metaleap and its clients. She now gets to walk through projects with clients and explore the possibilities for their companies, and manages the “business of the business.”

Eric Capossela

Eric Capossela

Associate Creative Director

Eric got his start in the New York City advertising world after graduating from University of Georgia with a BFA in Graphic Design. Lured by his love of magazines and the smell of barbecue, Eric moved back to Georgia where he later became Design Director of Atlanta Magazine. After a stint at WIRED in San Francisco, Eric is once again back on his beloved East Coast as part of our talented Metaleap team.

Sarah Congdon

Sarah Congdon

Graphic Designer

After graduating from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Communication Design, Sarah moved to Atlanta from Houston to join Metaleap’s design team. In her free time, Sarah can usually be spotted illustrating whatever has recently inspired her or nestled in a chair with her cat, a cup of tea, and an intriguing book.

Marie-Claire Dejarnett

Marie-Claire Dejarnett

Studio Manager

Born in the South but raised in France, Marie-Claire isn’t sure where to call home. She earned a B.A. in journalism from Asbury University and an M.A. in Communication from Baylor University. She then worked at a few nonprofits in Atlanta before joining Metaleap. She’s an amateur baker and TV critic, and is always planning her next trip to a new city.

Tiffany Forrester

Tiffany Forrester

Art Director

Tiffany joined Metaleap after earning a BFA from Georgia State University, and spends the majority of her creative energy on publication design. An avid collector of postcards, vinyl and unique books, she hits up as many places around the globe as her schedule allows. You can usually find her scoping out taco joints around Atlanta, watching a Wes Anderson film, or playing office D.J.

Elizabeth Hildreth

Elizabeth Hildreth

Graphic Designer

Elizabeth earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Auburn University in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama. Shortly after graduating, Elizabeth made the move to Georgia to work at Metaleap. She loves exploring her new city and has recently been stretching her creative muscles by taking ceramics classes, from which her kitchen cupboards (and roommate) are highly benefitting.

Ashley Shugart

Ashley Shugart

Art Director

Ashley started designing at Metaleap as an intern after graduating from Auburn, and has been delighting our clients with her skills in hand-lettering, layout, and logo design ever since. Ashley is known around here for her great taste, sunny disposition, and really excellent cornbread. Her perfect day would involve re-watching old episodes of The Office with her husband, browsing through an antique store, enjoying cheap Mexican food, and scraping away any popcorn ceilings she can get her hands on.

Harold Velarde

Harold Velarde

Publication Designer

Harold is our very own behind-the-scenes design ninja. We rely on him to do whatever it takes to get every single issue of our publications to press on time. He earned his BA from Baruch College in Manhattan and has designed for Forbes Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Rolling Stone Magazine, among others. He was born in Bolivia and spent most of his adulthood in The Bronx—lucky for us, he was willing to make the move to Atlanta and joined Metaleap in 2013.

Keith Williamson

Keith Williamson

Project Manager

Keith has (re)joined Metaleap after a brief stint in the FinTech sector. He comes equipped with a full arsenal of project management tools, and spends his time in the office creating timelines and interfacing with clients. In his spare time, you can find him wrestling with his boys and trying to put a bow in his daughter’s hair, all to the amusement of his wife.

Heard around the office:

  • “Metaleap IS your brain.”

  • “You’re always wanted, but I don’t think you’re needed.”

  • “I mean it can be catty—it does have four girls!”

  • “I was really into Christmas music in high school...”

  • “That’s the mullet of typefaces.”

  • “Sometimes I over design on purpose — because I know how good it’s going to feel to take things away.”

  • “I mean, I’m roughly the size of a kid.”

  • “I don’t do high fives, but I will do one for you.”

  • “It’s like a bucking bronco of insanity.”

  • “I think we all have different Wingdings.”

  • “Robocop is a masterpiece!”

  • “I need to stop eating salads.”

  • “Fantasy Shmantasy. Get your head out of the clouds man.”

  • “Wait, like, beginner good or just somebody who’s good?”

  • “I just view this whole thing as a pleasant dictatorship.”

  • “McDonald’s was there for me!”

  • “Why are you hating on India.Arie!?!?”

  • “So much more of life makes sense after you’ve seen Star Wars.”

  • “Gandalf is a shepherd of sorts.”

  • “It was at the height of America’s fascination with monkeys.”

  • “I wish my parents had me do chores so I could learn discipline or something.”

  • “I literally don’t know anything about it except that maybe it’s in space? (About Star Wars)”

  • “Designing is hard!”

  • “I gotta say, he’s not un-cute.”

  • “Let there be air!”

  • “Y’all, this is SO not Metaleap.”

  • “Dead. Snap. Serious.”

  • “I would do it for a lot of money.”

  • “Life has no 'command+z.'”

  • “Warm water is good, for like, digestion and stuff.”

  • “I don’t care about that Tomato score.”

  • “People like all the good parts about religion…heaven, angels, whatever.”

  • “Cereal is a good thing to have around because you can eat it when you’re hungry, or for breakfast, or for lunch if you forget your lunch, or for a snack, or if you’re working late. Pretty much anytime.”

  • “I mean, I’m not a man. So I’m not the target audience.”

  • “I enlarged it… to make it bigger.”

  • “Sometimes you gotta ruin things to fix ’em. And I stand by that.”

  • “You can’t save all the kittens.”

  • “The bottom of the chip bag is where the party’s at!”

  • “I made these up, but I pulled these from stuff.”

  • “We’re going to deploy you like a spider monkey.”

  • “I dropped my mouse!”